Whether you are single or in a relationship, flat hunting would hard as the first time that you have done it no matter how many times you do it. You need to check out multiple places, always doubt about a good place (since no flat can be ‘that’ good), keep looking when you do not have the money for the monthly instalments and et cetera. And this is while you are schooling or working and is usually out of time to do anything more than eating and sleeping.

Make use of those 1000 something friends

Facebook and other social media are a great place to get a message across, and you have a number of friends that go up to three or four digits then make sure of that network. Spread the work across that you are looking for a place and list out the specifications that you need. Usually at least ten or twenty people will get the word across. Get your best friends, family and family friends to actually get the word across in a proper manner as they care a lot more about you. If you are schooling or working then talk to acquaintances and those that hang out at the lunch room about looking for a place to rent.

Check everything with every place you look at

When checking out central property HK (or if you can grab a hold of that and afford it), or any accommodation that you want to live in, make sure to check out every room properly. The taps, walls, reception, pests, roof, and floor are some of the most basics that you will need to keep an eye on. If you are checking out the place during day time and you like it, then come back again at a night time to check it out again. Daytime wonder is not usually seen at night time either. So you can pick the place which ends up nice with daylight and nightlights.

Move during winter time

Usually the prices for accommodation tend to be the lowest during the colder months of the year as most people move out. When you are doing the search, start during early October or late august and you will be able to grab hold of a good deal.

When you are signing the contract, do it only for six months and not a year during the first time. If you like the place after six months then you can sign for a year the when the contract ends. If the landlord is the type to raise the prices, then try to talk out the deal when signing the contract for a second time.